Frequently Asked Questions Regarding GMI and dwellingLIVE

Who is GMI?

The Association’s new standing front gate guard and patrol company is GMI (Guard Management, Inc.).

What is dwellingLIVE?

dwellingLIVE is a web-based service provided by the Association that electronically records information for residents’ visitors, employees and guests.  It is primarily used by residents to provide front gate access instructions to the front gate guards.

Where is my dwellingLIVE Registration Code?

Homeowners have been mailed an instructional letter and one-time registration code in order to set-up their dwellingLIVE profiles at  Please note that your registration code is temporary.  Please create a password for future access.   If you did NOT receive a code, please email, and

Why can’t I record my vehicle information in dwellingLIVE?

GMI is providing new vehicle decals to all residents.  All residents will be notified when the decals are available, and GMI will record every residents’ vehicle information in dwellingLIVE at the time they provide residents with new decals.  Please look for a letter from Management regarding scheduling.

How come I cannot update my guest list on dwellingLIVE?

Please contact the front gate guards at (714) 738-1379, and one of the guards will add visitor information to your dwellingLIVE guest list.  Please provide as much instruction as possible to the guard, such as how often your guest will need access to the community, and if you need to be called when your guest arrives.

Please contact Management with any additional concerns at (800) 400-2284.